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Today we'll present you an essential part of the full Scottish breakfast:

Tattie Scones

David's wife Martina has tried several recipes, but she said they didn't really work. If
you follow the link below, you will find a recipe that definitely works (and it helps you to use
up leftover mash). Of course we don't have self-raising flour here in Germany, so.just mix
a tiny amount of baking powder with the flour. Don't eat the tattie scones right away, they are
better if you put them in a sealed container and leave them in the fridge overnight. You can
stick them in the toaster or heat them up in the oven or a frying pan.

Tattie Scones

Did you know which Glasgow site has featured in one of David Attenborough's productions?

Fossil Grove

In Glasgow's Victoria Park, you can find 11 fossilised trees that are over 300 million (!!!) years old.
Discovered in the late 19th century, this site is only open to the public every 3rd Sunday of the month.
So when you are in Glasgow, make sure you're there the right weekend.
If you want to find out more about it, have a look at the following links:
  • Fossil Grove
  • Tree 7

    Do you know Glasgow's most iconic statue and it's history?

    The Duke of Wellington Monument

    If you are curious about this astonishing piece of art watch the followiing link:  
  • The story of Glasgow's most photographed statue

  • It's tea-time! Who does not like them? Best served still warm with butter or clotted cream and raspberry or strawberry jam.

    Fruit Scones


    Today we'll present you another typical Scottish sweet:

    Millionnaire Shortbread

  • Millionnaire Shortbread

  • Enjoy!

    What do you usually eat with haggis? That’s right –tatties and neeps! But did you know that the Scottish only started togrow them in 1739.
    They were introduced by the English and set off the ScottishAgricultural Revolution.
    Before that time Lowland farming was done by so-called cottarssimilar to the crofters in the Highlands.
    To gain more land for more extensive farming, the owners of the landstarted auctioning the tenures
    for those small-holds. The cottars couldn’t afford the rentfor the land anymore and moved to more
    industrial places like Glasgow in great numbers. Thus the introductionof turnips and
    potatoes brought about the Lowland Clearances.

    Everyone interested in Scotland has sure heard of Bonnie Prince Charlieand the Jacobites.
    Did you know that the Battle of Culloden will have its 277thanniversary on April 16th?
    Why did the Scots lose in Culloden? Why did so many people die there inone day? For more information click on the link below:
  • TheBattle of Culloden
  • In this link you might also find the answer to one of the questions ofour quiz at the next ceilidh.
    Should you be interested in a more leisurely approach to the topic,readDiana Gabaldon's Outlander saga or watch the series based on the books.
    That is if you are not put off by a bit of romance.

    Did you know that a typical Easter sweet in Scotland is Simnel cake?
    We haven't tried to make it ourselves yet, but here a link with arelatively easy recipe.
    Maybe someone is adventurous enough to try that for the bring-along atthe next ceilidh.
  • SimnelCake

  • If you need a nice and easy Scottish dessert for your Easter lunch, youshould try this one.

    5-minute Cranachan


    Did you have a good Burns Night? No? You didn’t get anyhaggis?

    Well this can easily be helped. Try this recipe:

    Vegetarian Haggis

    Let us know how you liked it!

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